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Faber-Castell Pens


Faber-Castell is over 250 years old and is credited with creating the first branded writing implement in 1840 establishing standards for length, diameter, and lead hardness for pencils. The company opened its first foreign branches in 1849 in New York, London, and Paris. Faber-Castell manufactures at 15 locations around the world and markets their products through 19 sales organizations. Their location in Brazil is the largest factory for graphite and color pencils in the world.

A writing instrument from the Faber-Castell Collection is the ideal answer to the old question of whether it is better to give something practical or something beautiful. These objects satisfy both criteria in that they are very useful and equally attractive. Even the gift boxes measure up well and will survive long after the brief moment when the present changes hands; they continue to give useful service and remind the recipient that the worthwhile gifts are the lasting ones.