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Fisher Space Pens


The Fisher Space Pen Company can trace its roots back to 1948 when Paul Fisher introduced the iconic Bullet Pen to the world. An instant classic, it is one of the most recognizable and best known pens of the 20th century. Cited as an outstanding example of industrial art, one of the originals was exhibited for years in the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) in New York. And, yes, the Fisher Space Pen was mentioned in a famous Seinfeld episode! The Bullet Pen is our top selling compact pocket pen.

Never content to rest on his laurels, Fisher went on to develop the pressurized cartridge and a uniquely formulated ink that allows the user to write at any angle, underwater, on photographs, at temperature extremes, and in outer space. Fisher Space Pens have been used by NASA since 1968. However, you don't have to be an astronaut to enjoy using a Fisher Space Pen.