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Microtech Knives


We do stock some Microtech automatics. However, they are not for sale through our website. Please call for models and pricing.

MICROTECH was founded in Vero Beach, Florida in 1994 by Anthony and Susan Marfione, relocating in 2005 to Bradford, PA. They have been and continue to be fully committed to designing and producing the highest quality products using 95% in-house parts and 100% American-made with a lifetime guarantee.

Our association with Tony and Susan began in 1995 with our instant love affair with the Mini-UDT, easily the cutest, fastest, sharpest, and best made mini-automatic of its day. The L-UDT was equally as awesome, and the H.A.L.O. out-the-front set the industry standard for "how it's done". Everyone else that has followed since has tried to reach the bar that the Marfione's set so high so long ago.

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