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The Parker Duofold is the model that put Parker Pens on the map.

Introduced in 1921, it becomes a resounding success, even used by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to write the Sherlock Holmes series. In just four years sales quadruple. In the mid-20s Parker introduces Duofolds in a new, durable plastic called Permanite, replacing the traditional and brittle vulcanized rubber. To demonstrate its’ toughness, Parker drops pens over the Grand Canyon and from airplanes!

In 1941, the innovative Parker 51 comes to life. Promoted as “a pen from a different planet” it lives up to that promotion and immediately attains unworldly success. At the close of WWII, Eisenhower’s 51 signs the Armistice pact for the European Front while in the Pacific Theater, MacArthur’s 20-year old Duofold is used to sign the document officially ending the war.

In 1993, George Bush and Boris Yeltsin used personalized Parker Duofold World Memorial Rollerballs to sign the historic START II Treaty to eliminate nuclear weapons. That same year, at his inauguration, Bill Clinton is presented a Parker Duofold Marbled Green Rollerball to reflect his interest in environmental issues.

The fountain pen and rollerball models have screw-caps while the ballpoints are twist action.

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