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Pelikan Pens


Founded in 1838 by chemist Carl Hornemann in Hanover, Germany, the company started out in the color and ink business and remained that way for many decades. The use of a pelican as a company logo didn’t come about until 1878, and it was one of the first German trademarks.

Pelikan continued to grow over the years, being strong in art supply, office supply and school supply. It wasn’t until 1929 that the Pelikan fountain pen was born. It was well known for its trademark green shaft, technically innovative ink flow and transparent ink window. The differential piston mechanism was a true revolution of its time and has only been slightly modified over the years.

Further paint and pen innovations followed, interrupted by WWII. However, in 1950 the big German industrial boom started and Pelikan introduced its model 400 fountain pen, easily recognized by its black and green striped shaft. This model became the most popular fountain pen in its price range, and the signature black/green striped shaft remains with us today.

Pelikan fine writing instruments find admirers among collectors and casual users alike. Finely crafted in more than 300 individual steps, Pelikan pens are a testimony to German dedication, precision, and perfection. They are designed to inspire.