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Manhattan Magma

New York was always a fountain of inspiration for Visconti and motivated their latest launch, the "Manhattan Magma". In 2003, Visconti created the Wall Street, a pen inspired by the square shape of New Yorks buildings and the Vetruvian Man. Even earlier in 1994, Visconti created the origanal Manhattan, a pen with the characteristic shape of a skyscraper's steps, remisicent of the iconic Chrysler building. 

Twenty years on, we are in an era of great stylistic makeover and modern architecture, and so Visconti reworked the old project with refined forms and a more stylistic design. Like the old Manhattan, the Magma focuses on  a very classic design but it has acquired a freshness from the intricate repeated-steps pattern on all of its palladium plated trim sections. The resin in black and orange recalls magma coming out of a volcano, another symbol of Visconti.