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  • Tactile Turn Mover Titanium Rollerball Click Pen
  • Tactile Turn Mover Titanium Rollerball Click Pen
  • Tactile Turn Mover Titanium Rollerball Click Pen
  • Tactile Turn Mover Titanium Rollerball Click Pen texture

Tactile Turn Mover Titanium Rollerball Click Pen


Product Description

The Mover is the longer of the two pens shown.

Movers & Shakers are for the type of person that loves a great click pen! These pens are made in Richardson, Texas from grade 5 titanium, otherwise known as 6AL-4V. The pocket clip and screws are stainless steel.

The biggest feature that sets these pens apart from others is an all titanium click mechanism that TT makes for these pens. This click mechanism is not found on any other pen. It is unique to the Tactile Turn Movers & Shakers and is the ultimate click mechanism. It will withstand abuse and use and last for generations. It also has a long stroke length which means that when the refill is retracted, it hides about an eighth of an inch or 3mm inside the pen, lessening chances of ink getting on your clothes.

The wall thicknesses in these pens are thicker towards the front of the pen and thinner towards the back. This keeps the weight distribution of the pen just right and that makes the pen feel great in the hand whether you are jotting down a note or taking dozens of pages of notes.

Tactile Turn pens are known for their texture. Machined pens often forget about grip, or have uncomfortable grips. Tactile Turn machines in a groove along the entire length of the pen that is hard to describe. It won't bite into your skin, but it provides just the right amount of grip. It is subtle, but it also protects the pens from light scratches by providing a textured surface that disguises light scratches much better than a smooth surface.

The Mover is slightly longer than the Shaker and comes with a 0.38mm Pilot G2 with black ink refill. These allow many refills to fit and most require no modification at all. The mechanisms on these require all refills to be the same length, so some require slight trimming, but if you are determined there are lots of options.

5.5" long, 1.2 ounces (34 grams). Made in the USA. Limited lifetime guarantee.

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