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Parker Sonnet Great Expectations Exceeds Expectations

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Once a pen company has a successful series and they have that series of pens covered with the "usual" color options, the next step is to go upscale with design, materials, or both. 

The Parker Sonnet Great Expectations series is a Special Edition offering the long-time favorite in new finishes and upgraded materials, especially on the fountain pens where they switch from stainless steel nibs to 18K gold nibs.

I believe it was in 1921 that Parker introduced the immensely popular "Big Red" fountain pen, and that color has remained highly collectable over the years and has been brought back occasionally to celebrate the Parker heritage. The Parker Sonnet Great Expectations Subtle Big Red tones down the red by using it as an accent on the pens rather than as the main color. Done in striking red anodized aluminum against a black body with ruthenium plated trim, this one is a sure winner for someone special on your holiday shopping list (or for yourself!).